High treason of the German constitution: The human policy of the mental ill help act (PsyKHG)

The Mental Health Aid Act: The abuse of the alleged help for sick people for political, religious, misogynistic persecution.

It has now been proven that the Mental Health Assistance Act abolishes all human rights by stigmatizing people and declaring them to be subhuman. It’s not about people with intellectual disabilities. Who are so nicely insulted as “idiots” around here. An idiot is a medical term for a person with an IQ of less than 20. So an idiot could never write these lines. They are given a caregiver so they don’t cross the street and get hit by the truck. People with physical disabilities, such as a wheelchair, do not need legal guardianship as their minds are clear and their IQ is high enough to make informed adult decisions. People with a torn ligament too. Only the foot is injured and not the brain. Brain damage, accidents and strokes can sometimes result in mental impairments that reduce intelligence, but in most cases this is not the case if the person was previously highly intelligent.

Article 3 of the German Constitution stipulates that no person may be disadvantaged because of their disability. The PsyKHG of the state of Baden-Württemberg (Germany), on the other hand, deprives people with intellectual disabilities of the human right to the presumption of innocence. They can simply be collected and arrested by public health officers and the police if they are considered a danger to themselves and others. So much for the ignorance of my neighbors, who called me an idiot because of a torn ligament and therefore “just take her away, take her away, throw her away” about me. Being illiterate is not a sign of idiocy but a sign of dangerous stupidity because people here are staging a witch hunt for a torn ligament and they think they can put me in a psychiatric ward for it. This is exactly what happens when a medical officer knowingly abuses her power to support the politically misogynistic religious persecution that she is well aware of. A slander comes from the state. Now they call it mental illness when someone puts up a poster criticizing the former Chancellor. This is what the police and some neighbors claim and the hustle and bustle started all over the house. So I was checked for endangering myself and others, because of hate speech of the other political opinions. The Basic Constitutional Law clearly provides for freedom of opinion, including political believes.

A political prisoner is made by the state through a human rights circumvention law, such as the mentally ill assistance law (PsyKHG). It was probably created solely for the purpose of abusing power and arresting political opponents or freelance press bloggers. That’s how much the police spread slander themselves. In the meantime, defamation has been proven, but the state is not prosecuting it, because I am only not allowed to say defamation to the slanderer, this will be prosecuted as defamation with a penalty order. The reason is clear: the defamation also comes from the police. I should be silenced in 3 cases: Censored videos that prove the defamation, ban on speaking in my own apartment, speaking here is considered “propaganda noise” and will be fined as immission protection and I am no longer allowed to talk about the break-in in my speak to the apartment, since the police will probably commit it themselves or cover the burglar with all their might, since he has also contributed a lot to the smear campaign. With the help of his constant reports, the police followed me everywhere and asked if I was mentally ill. All I did was open a window or do nothing at all or I walked past him. The police make fun of me terribly. It’s also very ridiculous for her, a woman who is always despised anyway. The general contempt for women proves the man right: “She’s despised by everyone anyway.” is his argument. Yes, that is contempt for women propagated by the church. The Church demands of me obedience, attendance, marriage, pregnancy and unemployment in the condition of housewife slavery. That’s the main reason I’m being persecuted. Namely from the employers in the country, who basically either don’t let women work or don’t let women without a church.

On the topic: There are 2 mental illnesses that can lead to disenfranchisement, even slave status, “legal paternalism”. Alzheimer’s disease, in which older people forget their names and really need help. Such illnesses put my life in danger if I don’t have them, as I was a victim of misogyny and torn ligaments, as well as political persecution by Angela Merkel. These things led to the police classifying me as “mentally ill” and threatening imprisonment with the Mental Health Assistance Act by making political imprisonment a compulsory admission to a so-called hospital, where the treatment methods should anyway be described more as torture methods than as treatment, namely of psychiatry. So I almost ended up in political arrest because of the poster critical of Merkel, in which a slander was spread that I was mentally ill.

There is another mental illness that is far more dangerous to a person than everyone realizes: schizophrenia. The symptoms can be anything. That’s why a bribed psychiatrist can take anything you do as evidence. Science says, however, that schizophrenia in people over 40 almost never occurs again. So I’m much too old for something like that. In addition, with schizophrenia there is a slowly creeping loss of intelligence. You could now start a counter-evidence with an IQ test. I’m too sorry for that. I don’t have to prove my intelligence or sanity. You should have a presumption of innocence, because no one is treated as viciously by our constitution-breaking state as people with schizophrenia. Most have auditory and few visual hallucinations. Some just claim they are being watched by the secret service. This is really in the books.

This shows that the secret services have been working with this type of character assassination for a long time, and anyone who feels persecuted by them may well be. The psychiatrists then put their victims in straitjackets and subjected them to stress positions in psychiatric beds, which have been widely recognized as methods of torture. The treatment with electric shocks is also a conscious brain injury by the “doctor” who thereby causes artificial epilepsy. This in turn can actually lead to brain damage and therefore it is intentional physical harm and not medical treatment but a method of torture. It is extremely painful for the victim and poses a threat of death to the victim, which in turn leads to psychological trauma. So if you have ever dreamed that she was kidnapped by aliens, you better shut up, because this incapacitation, humiliation, imprisonment and torture could be the punishment. The human rights of the mentally ill should not be suspended by such a criminal law. No one may be imprisoned who has not committed a crime, not even if a religiously fanatical medical officer assumes that being unmarried could possibly pose a threat to oneself and others. A Christian misogynistic background can be seen here. The public prosecutor has now at least recognized the “slander as mentally ill” as slander, but he does not prosecute it, since the state itself was behind it, which is having me politically prosecuted.

Very right-wing AfD-close sayings penetrate from the neighboring apartment. Sentences like: “Natural selection” were also used by Gauland in the Bundestag. It’s a kind of ethnic cleansing. There is talk that women’s shelters should be burned down and that women should no longer be allowed to live alone. This is AfD program. There is talk of “pregnancy torture”. I’m an ear witness, but I can’t prove it yet. I hope to see the police file in order to file a constitutional or human rights lawsuit, since I have absolutely no rights in Stuttgart and neither the police nor the public prosecutor give me any rights, but I am slandered, incited and threatened with imprisonment. The entire house with 7 parties has now been incited against me. A final solution should be found. I filed a complaint for sedition. Ethnic cleansing cannot be completely ruled out here. After all, I am asked by the police to move. Banned from working by the state of Baden Württemberg and sued by the neighbor that I should be kicked out of the house without notice if I continue to write this website. A clear case is that this AfD-compliant neighbor with the list of enemies in her luggage is involved in this cleansing, yes, masterminds. I am spoken of with extreme hatred, I should be disposed of with a garbage bag law from the neighborhood law, which describes me as a person as a „disturber”.

It is quite clear that as soon as a poster critical of Merkel appears in a window, the police are diagnosing a mental illness and that is abuse of power. A diagnosis can only be made by a specialist and this does not happen in 3 minutes in a parking lot. In this case, the police have their own Dr. Mengele, who can order the political-religious selection for the forced admission to the political-religious-misogynous prison, i.e. psychiatry, with a snap of the fingers. With a snap of your fingers, the police take away the entire human rights of the word “mentally ill” and abuse the law for the protection of morons, idiots and imbeciles and Alzheimer’s patients to declare people to be subhuman. The legal guardian is the disenfranchisement of money, the vote, one’s own weblog and the woman’s self-determination. It is the status of slavery, which should only be done after sufficient testing to determine whether a person is truly helpless, when. It very likely needs to be improved for these groups of people as well. A mentally ill or mentally handicapped person should also have a presumption of innocence. This is human rights and that applies to all people and even the mentally ill should not be deprived of their humanity through such an abusive law, because this contradicts human dignity in all respects!

It has been clearly demonstrated in my case that a personal persecution is rendered “insane” with that word. The defamation of the neighbor is considered proven. I have to save my reputation against this character assassination with all my might, and the police know very well that they are spreading the slander themselves, in the name of Merkel and the CDU. A connection with the wishes of the AfD to subjugate women is also clearly recognizable. The abuse of power over this law is obvious. The political prisoners languish in psychiatry. A state that commits this crime reminiscent of the Holocaust can also be trusted to commit inconspicuous murders in this psychiatric ward.

A conspicuous police murder was the case of Maria R from Berlin Friedrichshain, who was first incited by the neighbors to be mentally ill after the same chema and was then simply shot by a police officer while she was in her own bedroom!

A pattern is discernible in this assassination plot involving large sections of the population. Portions of the population who constantly speak of hatred of Jews, contempt for women, “customs” and the church. Anti-Semitism against any form of disbelief or disbelief is clearly boiling and is degenerating into a pogrom. Car windows have been broken, doors smashed, eggs thrown, threats of beatings, hate speech spread. It’s starting again, clearly, that’s how the Holocaust began.

Documentary evidence and scientific evidence can be requested from me for all of these claims.

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