Answer: Fine notice for freedom of expression

Persecuted Oppositionists by Police and offices in Germany

“OWFrau Carrozzo
OWI-AZ.: 135/2021/3
Gaisburgstrasse 4
70182 Stuttgart
Aktenzeichen 5.2073.100017.8

Dear Mrs. Wicklein,

I hereby again contradict your notice of the fine. I have already said this, but I am being ignored by Mrs Carrozzo. They have no evidence whatsoever that any deafening noise was made by me.
It is a slander from my neighbors who planned to terrorize me with ads from the house. At all of the times mentioned, I didn’t have any noise that was loud enough to damage my health.

That they call the noises they hear when they stand in front of my thin wooden door as propaganda is the hateful opinion of right-wing police and neighbors. You are not allowed to demand any fines for freedom of expression. The volume was in room volume.
If there were no reports, then the neighbors, who are deeply enemies with me, have not even seen me or heard the slightest peep, because every time they see me open a window they send a police patrol to call me “crazy “To be insulted and questioned and to tell me that they will instruct me if a male neighbor is not allowed to enter me soon!

The police officers apparently picked me up on February 23rd in 2012. visited. They severely damaged my door lock with a crowbar. They did not have any judicial permission whatsoever and there was no imminent danger. Now the two police officers try to cover up my burglary report with the excuse that there was a noise here. Noise does not justify a break-in, especially not at the moderate volume that it was with me.
They, on the other hand, attempt an open fraud by adding to noise for 3 days for which there was not even a police operation, only because their fines are higher on Sunday and thus want to enrich themselves and cheat me of money. An enmity of the police and the public order office towards me can be determined. They insult my expression of opinion as propaganda and that’s exactly what it’s about: A prohibited expression that I am not even allowed to make in my own apartment without my neighbors, who are extremely hostile to me, reporting me and having the police terrorize me.

The word “propaganda noise” is not only intended to say that you cheekily give me a fine for expressing my opinion, that there is also a 3-day fine and a Sunday fine, but that you can always get away with persecuting opinions in front of the public prosecutor’s office and so there is high treason by Mrs. Carrozzo, as well as Reinwald and Foran from the police. They punish the right to freedom of expression according to Art 5 GG with a fine. This has nothing to do with decibels. It is a fraud.
In addition, the word should insult me, as the police insult me ​​constantly, as “crazy”, as “porpaganda noise”, as “mentally ill” and as a “notorious complainant”, while I am constantly being investigated for insulting me Call burglar neighbors a burglar and thief if he breaks my door and steals my mail. The police are partial to a religious right-wing party, probably the CDU-AfD, and persecute government critics like me as if they were mentally ill. In doing so, they abolished the Merkel government’s democracy status. Oppositionists are threatened with fines and torture detention centers such as psychiatry.
Breaking into the apartment is a breach of international law and not just a breach of the constitution, let alone that the police intended to kidnap me at night to the psychiatric hospital in order to take a very painful “treatment” against my opinion. As well as being investigated against my single existence as a woman in order to “fix” me to a bed there. The neighbors talk about the fact that otherwise I couldn’t be “forced” to become pregnant. The word “torture” is used by the men. I can prove in the video evidence that Felice Civale yells sentences like “I’m going to send her to the psychiatric hospital” and “then you’ll go to the nut mill”, as well as writing threatening letters in the whole area. Even so, the police always count his statements as evidence and mine as lies. This is the ulterior motive of my mentally ill misogynist neighbors who speak of “behavioral education”. She would also have asked the church to report against people of different faiths in order to drive “Jews” out of the area. They are not interested in the fact that I am not Jewish, they have been caught up in right-wing fanatical propaganda and are now following innocent people with advertisements. Corruption seems to be involved, which Reinwald and Foran help to make false statements about my noises.

The female person illegally severely damaged my door lock with the crowbar and it broke a few weeks later, during another police operation. After all, the male perpetrators in the neighborhood had me registered with the police as “mentally ill” with character assassination and I was not believed that way. In any case, these statements do not count as evidence for me, let alone that no police were present as witnesses for 3 days, even if the police who broke the door were concerned about the statement that it was loud in front of a burglary report want to protect.
If they execute now, they will be in court for fraud and persecuted opinion. The word propaganda that you use proves that you only want to forbid me from speaking and that will no longer go through before the Constitutional Court. The counter-evidence for noise was provided by me through video recordings that were made during the police operations. It is also proven that a stalled neighbor, Heike Hauschke, first molested me at the door at night because of my family situation and because she had not received any information, the police called out with the slander that it was too loud for me. She’s terrorizing me in a number of ways because of my blog and my being single and tries to get me arrested for it and not for the noise, but for my opinion.
I demand that the principle applies to me too: “Innocent until proven guilty.” The witness statements are not considered evidence, not even those of the suspected burglary police patrol who had a kidnapping as ulterior motive when she tried to break my door.
Do not bother me with your terror anymore, otherwise I will also appeal to the Constitutional Court or the Human Rights Court about break-ins and terror by police officers.
You and the police are extremely threatening me with human trafficking and torture in a psychiatric ward. You are perpetrating terror against my apartment and forbidding me to speak. The city of Stuttgart doesn’t get a better reputation in my press.
If you do not want the asylum authorities in the USA to recognize me as an asylum seeker, you better abandon my persecution through illegal police attacks against my life and my apartment door and a punishment for freedom of expression human rights, the UN also sometimes sanctions such dictatorships.

Kind regards


Fine notice:
“1. Facts (time and place of the crime, brief description)
In the period from Sunday, February 21st, 2021, 8:00 p.m. to Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021, 9:15 p.m., you generated noise by repeatedly playing propaganda material over loudspeakers for several hours in your apartment in the Staibenäcker building 24 in 70188 Stuttgart which was likely to cause considerable nuisance in the neighborhood. When the police first arrived on January 23, 2012 at around 11.30 a.m., after knocking several times, the officers were able to convince you that the loudspeaker had finally been turned down. When the site was visited again at 9:15 p.m., the noise could be detected by playing propaganda material over loudspeakers throughout the residential building. You no longer responded to the knocking and ringing.
You did not comment on the allegations during the hearing.

  1. Middle of evidence:
  • Own information
    x Certificate from PKA Foran and PHMIN Z Reinwald, both police station 5, Ostendstrasse 88, 70188 Stuttgart;
    Mr. Jannik Bruder, Staibenäcker 15, 70188 Stuttgart
    other evidence:

Shortened: My videos about the facts

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