Euthanasia in Germany

Mental Health Services Act

It abandons the presumption of innocence and makes people prisoners of a psychiatric hospital, in the process they are forced to receive medical treatments amounting to bodily harm and are restrained in stressful positions and subjected to electric shocks designed to permanently damage the brain.

The Merkel government has started to prosecute political critics and others with the law. People who don’t have any mental illnesses. It’s euthanasia.

The police raid innocent people to test them for “endangerment to themselves or others” and apply the law when these victims have no mental illness.

The law violates the UN Convention on Human Rights as it removes the presumption of innocence and imprisons people without having committed a crime.

The so-called crime prosecuted here is “mental illness.” This disease is now attributed to anyone who criticizes the government and a slander campaign is launched using the “gaslighting” method and groups of people are incited against the persecuted to terrorize them with advertisements. Every report is registered with the police as evidence of a mental illness. Maria R from Berlin Friedrichsdorf was treated like this and then shot by the police in her bed.

As a political blogger, I use the same tactics. You have to know that psychoses can only be diagnosed by specialists and that 3 doctors have to sign it. Here the diagnosis is made by the police, who explain political statements about psychosis and distribute leaflets and express opinions. In so doing, Germany is committing the euthanasia human rights crime by taking political prisoners disguised as mentally ill and disappearing into “hospitals” that will be nothing but torture institutions.

In the process, even the victim’s maturity is questioned. Her status as an adult is being questioned. The care law applies to severely helpless people and not to political prisoners or feminists. With the attempt of an incapacitation, women are attacked, who are supposed to be deprived of their equal rights and are to be de facto put into a state of slavery. This is also done with the author of because of her politically uncomfortable blog. It is unbelievable but true that the police here are undoubtedly continuing a holocaust method of the Third Reich and I am reporting this to foreign countries under international law, as certainly large groups of people are innocently imprisoned and tortured in psychiatry in this way. Germany has thus committed a breach of international law. Evidence is available.