International Women’s Day on March 8, 2023 – The state of affairs – Men’s right-wing extremism in Stuttgart – Germany

Women are still calling for a household and family strike for March 8th. I do, I always do.
My mother lived in slavery and she kept saying it and whining about it all day long: “I am a slave”. An examination of the housewife laws of the 1970’s (in this blog) compared to Roman slavery laws and black slavery in America found that she was right. Today she could claim compensation for suffering slavery and a pension before the European Court of Human Rights. Back then, when married, the women were the slaves of the men, could be physically injured and had to endure beatings. They were allowed to be raped and were not allowed to have abortions. The right to a private bank account did not yet exist, or my mother voluntarily gave it up because she is also a little involved in the patriarchy and her own oppression. Also her voluntary renunciation of driving a car, despite her driver’s license.
One of the worst features of slavery, however, was that the law forced women to work for nothing. For housework. The man was allowed to sue, but there was no tariff, only what the man gave to the woman arbitrarily. This is the fact of the state, which made the women forced laborers in the household. This included the man being able to take his own money away from the woman by being allowed to quit her job.

Many men see the woman’s forced unemployment as the most important basis for securing a sex and house slave who, in financial dependency, is then supposed to do this unpaid housework and who is no longer allowed to defend herself against beatings and rapes.
Such laws were in place until the 1990s and the only way I could escape this form of slavery was not to get married. My family excludes me from family life because the church is the most important instrument of power to enslave women and forbids a life without marriage. The family is more strictly religious, as is the case with Islamists and Orthodox Jews. The woman is therefore nothing and the man everything. As if that’s the purpose of religion. Of course it’s due to the male god. The church is a mind control power tool that gives women a “conscience” that makes men better able to exploit them. They should work for free, not cheat, not say no, not have an abortion, they should take care of the men and turn the other cheek when they are raped. When the church loses control of the soul, they come to me today with the police, masquerading as psychiatrists and health officials, and wanting to coerce this mind control of oppressing women by labeling violating religious discrimination orders as “psychosis” and wants to be treated. In short: A psychosis is a very serious disease or disability of the brain and can be clearly identified as a reduction in intelligence. Just writing these lines proves I don’t have them. Psychiatrists who are waging war against women’s rights in Stuttgart and who arrest slaves who are no longer allowed to be free and whose new equality is to be taken away via the back door of human rights abolition laws against the mentally ill also know this. These genuinely mentally ill people have lost all human rights through the Psykhg and are completely at the mercy of doctors and Justin and are considered the underage property of these people. The psychiatric hospitals in Stuttgart, on the other hand, are mostly church-based and follow religious rules and only hire religious staff by default. Here the persecution of women becomes a religious persecution.

So I avoided marriage, de, household and the unwanted child in the last few years. I didn’t want to be a single parent who received HartzIV. Pick up food from the Tafel, but work yourself and, if necessary, feed a child. This did not happen with the extreme extremist suppression of women in Stuttgart. I tried being self-employed, but the mood in Stuttgart changed. In principle, women are no longer hired, and if so, then on a part-time basis. No woman can get out of HartzIV on a part-time basis. That’s how it’s designed with the 500 jobs. The married woman can earn pocket money in this way, but cannot escape from slavery.

So now I’m free if I avoid KO drop bars and only have to fear Felice Mafia boss in our house who can call the police if I don’t think he’s beautiful and voluntarily offer him sex as he’s used to and the police then threatened psychiatric treatment, since he is considered a drunk man as a specialist who is allowed to diagnose my rejection of his attacks as a psychosis. Human trafficking in Stuttgart is implemented by the church and the red light at the same time via the police. They are all pursuing the same goal: forcing women to have sex through pressure, such as forced treatment and arrests, i.e. physical violence, as well as forced poverty through combating women’s jobs, which the state government has taken over since husbands were no longer there to pull a pout , when I work and her right to terminate women’s jobs was no more. The other women now take over, the ones with the children and the part-time managerial post and the CDU membership. Anyone who doesn’t get pregnant will be fired. This is church government policy and very right-wing radical right-wing extremism, which is also accompanied by gang bullying from uneducated classes. These groups are protected and admired by laughing men in chief posts clapping for non-mother bullying.

Conclusion: I have geared my whole life towards equality. I didn’t allow marriage, wanted to earn my own money and support my child myself. Since it was not enough for my own nutrition, there is no child either. I don’t finance the church with its pedophile priests and misogyny brainwashing. I lack faith. They are also to blame for the Holocaust and everyone who supports this with their wallet is somehow partly to blame. Of course we are forced members since birth and did not choose this. So the guilt is small. Only activism is to blame.

An anti-feminist faction from the AfD-Green-CDU and NSDAP Stuttgart is now trying to catch me for the extremist anti-women’s church and bring me to their concentration camps (psychiatry), where I’m supposed to learn about marriage and motherhood or where they’re allowed to exercise their violent fantasies against my body, so that I have to treat rape trauma for more years of my life instead of being happy by keeping the door closed. Those who constantly have to overcome violence will never become great and dangerous to the patriarchy, which is why violence is perpetrated against the woman’s body at regular intervals and demanded by the churches, which would rather see me bedridden than equal rights for women. It is also about inheriting your own home and your own car. Men receiving HartzIV like Felice Mafia boss can’t tolerate so much equality and let the police tyrannize me, who anticipate every wish from his eyes that his Italian arrogance has. So the persecution of women in Stuttgart became a mortal danger for me and a relapse into the methods of the Third Reich can be seen and cannot be denied. The women slavery laws are gone but have been replaced by psykhgs which now allow us to be arrested for the more offended and sold into real slavery. To these “doctors”. The state government overthrew the Basic Law and replaced it with Psykhg. Every fundamental right is now seen as a psychosis before the judiciary. Eg: This blog, political art, women’s rights, opinions, leaflets, leaving the church. A dictatorship has emerged and life for women in Stuttgart is dangerous.
Equality for women has not been achieved in this way. It only helps for a very short time in my life. Now, as a woman, coming from the church, I am being persecuted by the police because of my sex and I no longer find any rights here!

Image: Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, hunts herself as a woman and is the best hunter in the world. Always armed, men are unable to harm her, and she is wealthy and well supplied by her own hunt. Artemis is considered the goddess of women and feminism as she is a symbol of the domination of women in ancient times who lived in matriarchy and which is not owned by any man. As a goddess, Artemis is the protector of women. Artemis loves you. Psykhg, Slavery, Psychiatric Concentration Camps, Persecution of Women, Religious Persecution, Church Attacks on Women’s Rights, Mother Favoring, Forced Labour, Forced Unemployment, Women’s Poverty, Women’s Unemployment, Anti-Feminists, Men’s Rights Activists, Mafia, Women’s Slavery, Women’s Oppression, International Women’s Day, Rape Trauma, Physical Violence Against Women, Knockout Drops, Deadly Medicine, Human Rights Abolition, Human rights violations, enforced disappearances of feminists, feminism, women’s rights, equal rights, rape, police terror against women, refusal to marry, right to rape, job termination by men.