MK-ULTRA . Psychiatric Persecutions in the USA -Psychiatric Detention for the Homeless

MK-ULTRA . Psychiatric Persecutions in the USA -Psychiatric Detention for the Homeless

Endangering oneself and others: The end of the presumption of innocence is a human rights crime.

For many years, the CIA has been known to cruelly torture political opponents in psychiatric hospitals. The MKUltra torture project also serves to brainwash and enslave women for sexual abuse. Allegedly, all torture programs of the CIA were stopped under Barack Obama, they were probably revived under Donald Trump and have now culminated in a kind of ethnic persecution in New York. New York City Police Department Labels Homeless People as Mentally Ill Because of Poverty and Arrests Them as “Dangerous” The Dangerous Laws of New York and Germany are contrary to the UN Convention on Human Rights and allow states to arrest and detain innocent people who have not been proven to have committed a crime must become. The UN Human Rights Convention was intended to prevent this with its presumption of innocence.

It should prevent the repetition of Holocaust scenarios in which ethnic and political persecution and cleansing via the arrest of innocents is expressly forbidden. As a woman in Germany, we have been gnashing our teeth for a long time as we experience how every violent offender against women is acquitted because of the presumption of innocence. So it is not surprising when our criminal regime suddenly stands before you as a woman and wants to arrest you because, according to your male neighbors, you have not been the victim of sexual violence often enough and the health department threatens the author of with forced admission, im In case she doesn’t meet men voluntarily. An open threat of rape by the Stuttgart pimp police. The website has certainly been a thorn in the side of the secret service that initiates this for a long time, as it has been reporting on the secret service torture program MK Ultra since 2015. The USA explained gaslighting to the Germans well and now, whenever they meet the author, they claim that she is “mentally abnormal” even on days when there was no encounter. This suggests surveillance. Also the fact that acoustic interference from wiretaps was interrupted by police attacks and neighborhood terror and letters. All this proves that MK Ultra is also practiced by German secret services. If an audio loop of the church, the patriarchate and my insults is playing here in the apartment at a low volume, police officers break down the door and damage the lock in such a way that it prepares for a later more secret nightly kidnapping. This was attempted on February 23, 2021, when the police shook the door at night and wanted to open the previously damaged lock to make me disappear. Participation in the human rights crime “torture in psychiatry” by the German secret service and its police, as well as my abnormally malicious neighbors who hoot with delight that I can be tortured. MK Ultra lives in Stuttgart in Germany and New York in the USA. For me it has become a life-threatening situation. This is not an issue for the press in Germany! In Germany, torture is brutal in psychiatric wards. This is proven by the use of gaslighting and the threats of rape that the medical officer and the neighbors made to me. In addition, my absolute lack of rights before the judiciary and the public prosecutor’s office, who refuse to prosecute crimes against me, such as the burglary and the constant slander from my neighbors that I am mentally ill, as well as my attacks on my car, which was pelted with fireworks.”

I see the mass arrests in New York as ethnic cleansing of slums. People become prisoners because of their poverty and this is a violation of international law. Whether they will survive is uncertain. German history proves that euthanasia via psychiatry is only the first escalation stage of the Holocaust. Later there will be mass camps and extermination factories. The repetition of this history was set by the state parliaments of Germany in violation of the Basic Law, contrary to all human dignity to the machismo of Nazi politicians in all right-wing parties in the mentally ill persecution laws (PSYKHG) and immediately led to political, religious and sexual persecution, as was planned and intended ! The church seems to be a major mastermind in the persecution of me as a woman, as they want to force me to marry and have the medical officer threaten me with at least brainwashing if I continue to reject the men who constantly raise their fists , sticks, insults and incitement to hatred, trying to gain access by force to my apartment and my body. It is these men who want to threaten me with psychiatric torture and involuntary confinement. A few religiously fanatical women in the house, as well as anti-Semitic cranks and some women from the red-light district take part in the witch hunt out of envy and hatred.

The mental health assistance laws have ensured a return of real witch women and persecution of Jews. The cheapest, most hateful and evil level of human nature is shown in the people around me who jubilate with joy at the thought that I am being raped or tortured and they are sending the police to do this every day and have me forcibly committed . Leitkultur: Holocaust Fascism? No thank you!