Censorship: Holocaust deniers delete tweets from Artemisnews_de

In text form: Because of the #gas crisis, the city of #Stuttgart had to temporarily postpone (do without) the installation of #gas chambers in the #psychiatric hospitals, but they offer the people they describe as Jews to be deported to the respective institution by #police officers ( 26 Aug 2022)

The story behind the tweet: I would like to point out that my neighbors’ homeowners’ meeting calls me Jewish, although this is not true, and in their meeting they discussed a “Final solution for the J…” (mailing list), which sounds like a final solution and my complaint about hate speech is being ignored by the police, instead they are following the writer’s request to have me taken to a psychiatric ward because he is foaming at the mouth with hatred towards me.

IQ-Test: Schwarz Rot Gold – Ergebnis: Die goldene Herrenrasse hat die bessere Schule.

THEMA: http://www.stern.de/panorama/wissen/mensch/studien-ergebnis-aus-den-usa–blondinen-sind-schlauer-als-bruenette-oder-rothaarige-6774490.html Studienergebnis: Blonde sind klüger als brünette sind klüger als rothaarige. Wenn es Frauen sind. Eine Studie aus den USA ist natürlich Schuld, (also Donald Trump Propaganda?) dass mal … Read More