MK-ULTRA . Psychiatric Persecutions in the USA -Psychiatric Detention for the Homeless

Endangering oneself and others: The end of the presumption of innocence is a human rights crime. For many years, the CIA has been known to cruelly torture political opponents in … Read More

The German turn away from human rights – The political witch hunt is back

The Return of the Witch Hunts- The German Abandonment of Human Rights.

Eliminated human rights: freedom, physical integrity, presumption of innocence, discrimination against the disabled, protection from torture, equality between men and women has been dissolved: single women are persecuted.

High treason of the German constitution: The human policy of the mental ill help act (PsyKHG)

The Mental Health Aid Act: The abuse of the alleged help for sick people for political, religious, misogynistic persecution. It has now been proven that the Mental Health Assistance Act … Read More