Germanys Church prison, Stuttgart

The mob and his girlfriend threw fireworks from their apartment at my car and smashed my door. She went to the police and called me “She has a psychosis” and the police are playing this game that the Nazis have devised to deport and suppress persecuted groups. Now there are again arrests of innocent people who only speak and do not please the Nazi people. The Holocaust returns via arrests. How many dead are there already?

TWEETS: Kirchendiktatur und Folterstaat Deutschland und ihre Gehirnoperation gegen die Menschenwürde 

Das Ausschalten der Menschenwürde und der körperlichen Unversehrtheit gibt der Polizei die Möglichkeit die Bloggerin zu foltern, indem sie behaupten, das Schreiben von Flugblättern sei eine Psychose und sie müsse entmündigt, ihr Stimmrecht entzogen und in die Folteranstalt der Psychiater, politischen Folterhaftanstalten, bzw. Foltermaßregelvolllzug zur Bestrafung von Gleichberechtigung der Frau, gebracht werden, die Kretschmanns Kirchenfolterdiktatur dafür geschaffen hat.

Stuttgart – Allemagne: Guerre civile religieuse – Allemagne 2023 – Retour des chasses aux sorcières

ous avons maintenant ce qui suit dans la dictature de l’église et les conditions de guerre civile :

Abolition de la Loi fondamentale par Psykhg, Kunstuhg, NetzDG.

Processions de fanatiques religieux.

incendies criminels.

cambriolages et vols.

menaces de violence.

Interdictions professionnelles religieuses.

Prosélytisme forcé des personnes d’autres confessions dans les écoles.

Fermetures d’entreprises religieuses.

suivi des artistes. Destruction d’une scène artistique. Ventes d’art entravées ou détruites.

Les chasses aux sorcières sous la forme de persécutions psychiatriques et de campagnes de dénigrement des quartiers sont de retour.

Agressions de femmes célibataires par la police via le « Health Department

Stuttgart: Religious Civil War – Germany 2023 – Return of witch hunts

You don’t notice that, it’s done slowly, backwards, but something like that is “done”, “managed”, “moused” “scrambled”. The teachers in Baden-Württemberg who are not church members do not have a … Read More

International Women’s Day on March 8, 2023 – The state of affairs – Men’s right-wing extremism in Stuttgart – Germany

An anti-feminist faction from the AfD-Green-CDU and NSDAP Stuttgart is now trying to catch me for the extremist anti-women’s church and bring me to their concentration camps (psychiatry), where I’m supposed to learn about marriage and motherhood or where they’re allowed to exercise their violent fantasies against my body, so that I have to treat rape trauma for more years of my life instead of being happy by keeping the door closed. Those who constantly have to overcome violence will never become great and dangerous to the patriarchy, which is why violence is perpetrated against the woman’s body at regular intervals and demanded by the churches, which would rather see me bedridden than equal rights for women. It is also about inheriting your own home and your own car. Men receiving HartzIV like Felice Mafia boss can’t tolerate so much equality and let the police tyrannize me, who anticipate every wish from his eyes that his Italian arrogance has. So the persecution of women in Stuttgart became a mortal danger for me and a relapse into the methods of the Third Reich can be seen and cannot be denied. The women slavery laws are gone but have been replaced by psykhgs which now allow us to be arrested for the more offended and sold into real slavery. To these “doctors”. The state government overthrew the Basic Law and replaced it with Psykhg. Every fundamental right is now seen as a psychosis before the judiciary. Eg: This blog, political art, women’s rights, opinions, leaflets, leaving the church. A dictatorship has emerged and life for women in Stuttgart is dangerous.
Equality for women has not been achieved in this way. It only helps for a very short time in my life. Now, as a woman, coming from the church, I am being persecuted by the police because of my sex and I no longer find any rights here!

Mordplanung der CDU vermutet

Es bleibt dabei, dass das Verbrechen von mir eindeutig nachgewiesen wurde und die CDU Führung sich hier gegen die Gewaltenteilung über das Justizministerium in die Entscheidungen der Justiz und der Polizei einmischt und mich aufgrund meiner politischen Opposition zu Angela Merkel als „geisteskrank“ verurteilt, mit der Strafe, dass ich mit Hilfe des Psykhg nun keine Menschenrechte auf Unschuldsvermutung und körperliche Unversehrtheit, sowie auf Freiheit und Pressefreiheit habe und statt dessen zu einer Art Sklaverei durch falsche Entmündigungen über die frei Erfundene Psychose werde, die ich nicht als Krankheit habe, sondern die ein Vorwand für politische Haft ist! Momentan noch in Freiheit sehe ich darin sogar eine mögliche Mordplanung. 

Die deutsche Abkehr von den Menschenrechten – Die politische Hexenjagd ist zurück

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The German turn away from human rights – The political witch hunt is back

The Return of the Witch Hunts- The German Abandonment of Human Rights.

Eliminated human rights: freedom, physical integrity, presumption of innocence, discrimination against the disabled, protection from torture, equality between men and women has been dissolved: single women are persecuted.

Les Allemands se détournent des droits de l’homme – La chasse aux sorcières politique est de retour

Le retour des chasses aux sorcières – L’abandon allemand des droits de l’homme.

High treason of the German constitution: The human policy of the mental ill help act (PsyKHG)

The Mental Health Aid Act: The abuse of the alleged help for sick people for political, religious, misogynistic persecution. It has now been proven that the Mental Health Assistance Act … Read More