The abolition of women’s rights

I am victim of a witch hunt – Germany

The police in Stuttgart spread hate speech about me in my neighborhood, saying I was crazy because of my political opinions. The neighbors should report me at every opportunity and call me crazy. The police then kept a file that I was a “mentally disturbed” person. A neighbor kept physically attacking me, attacking me with sticks and threatening to hit me. He pounded on my door and smashed it in once.

He then called the police and I was included in the police file as a “mentally disturbed” person. The police is demanding my incapacitation. They already got a file accusing me of fictive psychosis.

Due to the many complaints from my neighbors who hate me a lot, they brought a medical officer and a man from the health department to me when I was the victim of an arson attack on my car. They wanted to have me forcibly admitted and examined me for danger to myself and others. They don’t care that I don’t have a psychosis. The neighbors know how to have someone deported. The “soul” is displayed. The police is constantly told that I’m crazy because I’m a single woman who doesn’t let men in. This now almost leads to incapacitation.

The fact is that these are men’s rights activists from the Incel movement, who attack women’s equality by calling unwilling women “mentally ill” and providing for incapacitation. All the police join in, although I swear it is slander and insult as no doctor has ever diagnosed me with psychosis. I also did not allow the medical officer to examine me and only spoke to her for 1 minute.

It is de facto an enslavement of the women who are to be brought back to the status of “child” with this law. They should lose their freedom and human rights and their women’s right to vote. All women’s rights and achievements of equality are lost. It must be said that the diagnoses of men’s rights activists and incels from my immediate neighborhood are deliberately initiated in order to humiliate and disenfranchise me as a feminist. An ecclesiastical background can be assumed, but cannot be proven.

They want me as a woman to be patronized and imprisoned and to take away my right to my own money.

I have personally experienced religious terminations of my teaching work at various schools where I have previously worked. One of the resignations was because I have no children (state of Baden-Württemberg), the first school didn’t take me on because the principal didn’t want to let women work, the other schools announced that they had done so. The state of Rheinland-Pfalz announced because the Catholic rector hated me as a person who left the church and yelled at me all day when she realized that I was irreligious.

I tore a ligament between jobs and was too ill to leave the apartment due to pain. They took this as evidence of mental illness and wanted the police to take me away at night.

With the incapacitation law of the federal states, fundamental rights are massively overridden. All federal states have a mental health law that allows people to be persecuted politically, religiously and because of their gender. Apparently it is an EU directive (implementation of Directive (EU) 2016/800 of the European Parliament and of the Council of May 11, 2016)

The law in Baden-Württemberg does not even hide the fact that the coercive measures of the allegedly mentally ill persons, which include torture and are similar to torture.

This is mentioned in § 22 Written and Parcel Traffic: A letter about the torture suffered to the European reporting office is permitted: “… to the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment” (“§ 22 Written and Parcel Traffic… „)

I have to say here that I studied the profession of special education teacher for teaching at special schools with a focus on education for the mentally and physically handicapped. So I’m reasonably qualified to judge what a mental illness is and can tell you that intelligent people who don’t have dementia or intellectual disabilities certainly don’t have psychosis as originally medically diagnosed. But these are real witch hunts. Psychiatry has always been misused to stigmatize unwelcome opinions and views as personality disorders. Almost every normal human behavior can be misinterpreted as a conspicuous symptom and restyled as a clinical picture. This was now easy for the men’s rights activists, who demand rights to women’s property, i.e. women’s slavery. Unfortunately, I have some of them in my house and at the Stuttgart police station. The general contempt for women leads men to treat me like dirt, laugh at me, not listen to my arguments, not understand them, or intentionally misinterpret them, and then assume a reverse guilt, for which I will be punished by the police. Because of my own burning car roof I was forcibly examined for “endangering myself and others”, only because those men’s rights activists expressly intended me to be tortured in the psychiatric ward because of my political posters and rushed me to the neighborhood with the aim of a briefing and a hunt, consisting of from many right-wing super-Christian neighbors, organize against me, which becomes a threat to me. Of course, the homeowners’ meeting knows that I, as a woman, will one day inherit the apartment and the war is openly waged here against women’s wealth in general and their right to their own money and self-determination over their bodies.

I feel so massively threatened by the Stuttgart police with torture and slavery and apparently this law that is supposed to give me the status of “child” comes directly from the European Parliament.

Evidence and sources:

“Act on Help and Protection Measures for Mental Illnesses

(Psychiatric Assistance Act – PsychKHG)

Dated November 25, 2014

Article 1 number 3 of this law serves to implement Directive (EU) 2016/800 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 May 2016 on procedural guarantees in criminal proceedings for children who are suspects or accused persons in criminal proceedings…”


§ 22

correspondence and parcels

Written notifications by the accommodated person to their legal representative, defense or their authorized lawyer, their pension or general authorized person, to complaints offices, authorities or courts, to the data protection officers of the federal and state governments and the supervisory authorities in accordance with Section 38 of the Federal Data Protection Act , to a representative body of the federal and state governments and their members, to the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment and other institutions with which correspondence is protected on the basis of obligations under international law on the part of the Federal Republic of Germany, and in the case of foreign nationals to the diplomatic and consular missions of your home country in the Federal Republic of Germany may not be opened and may not be withheld if the written communications to the addresses of these bodies and correctly indicate the sender…” (Act on Help and Protective Measures for Mental Illness (Psychic-Ill-Aid Act – PsychKHG) of 25 November 2014)