Psychiatry is imprisonment for the innocent – anyone can be diagnosed

Psychiatry crimes in Germany, committed by the state

Psychiatry is the torture that the modern hypocritical states allow themselves to uphold the UN Convention on Human Rights by disguising real torture methods as medicine. Suddenly a person is without human rights as soon as a strange psychiatric report is available in which a doctor signs that he does not consider your soul to be healthy. An opinion that consists of many multiple choice questions where the psychiatrist asks yes-no questions. E.g. “Are you getting secret messages on the television?” Anyone who says yes is considered schizophrenic. Even if he’s only talking about the news.

Anyone who has a diagnosis that means something with schizo has hereby been declared to be subhuman. He / she can be captured, handcuffed and tortured. They call it therapy and restraint and medicine.
Our state uses these funds to track opinions, journalists, bloggers, the opposition and keepers of secrets. The free development of the personality is a basic right and whoever relies on it receives the diagnosis of personality disorder from the psychiatrist, which occurs, for example, when someone pursues a creative art or demonstrates a particularly high level of intelligence.
A characteristic of intelligence is, for example, to recognize larger contexts. Anyone who sees larger contexts is considered mentally ill if it comes to psychiatry.
A diagnostic criterion for schizophrenia: You feel that the secret service is being followed. (DSM5) What if that’s true? Wasn’t Julian Assange being followed by the secret service?

A psychiatric diagnosis often applies to the opinions pursued by politics, the creative giftedness and intelligence, as well as the persecuted opposition and people persecuted by the secret service.

All of these standards come from DSM 5, the currently valid internationally negotiated psychiatric diagnostic manual for the determination of mental illnesses.

The only correct response to these questionnaires for a healthy person can only be to insist on a lawyer and not answer any questions, because all human behavior can be described as mental illness. Many critics of the DSM 5 criticized this.

People with mental illnesses have lost their human rights in Baden-Württemberg but are instead slaves according to the Mental Health Assistance Act. Once again the state is using a cover-up label and calling the whole thing “help”.

Anyone who offers help from the state today wants to order torture detention and if health says, he is abolishing the constitution. It is a matter of “Newspeak” – language that is hushed up and turned into its opposite.