The German turn away from human rights – The political witch hunt is back

Eliminated human rights: freedom, physical integrity, presumption of innocence, discrimination against the disabled, protection from torture, equality between men and women has been dissolved: single women are persecuted.

Around 2015, new laws for the treatment of mentally ill people were passed in all 16 federal states. The demand of the AfD was in the room: “Simply lock away” “grind away” A demand that is not only reminiscent of the Holocaust.

In Stuttgart, at the beginning of the Third Reich, people who had relatives with mental illnesses were dragged out of their homes and forced into psychiatric hospitals because their genes were to be eradicated. There were also genuinely mentally ill people among them. They were subjected to human experiments and finally destroyed in the concentration camps.

That policy has now returned. The respective state governments have made the so-called mental health aid laws, which should take away the human rights of the mentally ill people.

Mainly, the human right to liberty is denied as soon as a doctor sees a person as “endangering himself or others”.

Mentally ill people can now easily be arrested without being found guilty of a crime. They have to live in deplorable prison conditions.

The EU directive does not invalidate the Basic Law, but now the violation of the constitution is clear in terms of discrimination against the disabled under Article 3 of the Basic Law and the restriction of freedom rights under Article 2 of the Basic Law. The Psykhg assumes an arrest if there is a “endangerment to self and others” and not if someone is an accused in criminal proceedings.

Part 3 Accommodation Mental Health Assistance Act Section 1 § 13 (3).

“Anyone who, as a result of a mental disorder pursuant to Section 1 number 1, significantly endangers his or her life or health or poses a significant current danger to the legal interests of others is in need of accommodation if the danger or danger cannot be averted in any other way.”

Here people are arrested who have not committed a crime, but are only suspected of becoming so in the future and this is a contrary application of the presumption of innocence according to the UN Human Rights Convention and therefore violates Art 1 Basic Law: Art 1 (2) GG: ” The German people are therefore committed to inviolable and inalienable human rights as the basis of every human community, of peace and justice in the world.”

“Article 11 Resolution of the General Assembly

217A (III). Universal Declaration of Human Rights

1. Everyone charged with a criminal offense has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.

2. No one shall be convicted of any act or omission which was not punishable under domestic or international law at the time it was committed. Likewise, no heavier penalty may be imposed than that which was applicable at the time the offense was committed.”

And after

“Article 48 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Everyone accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty by law. (2) Respect for the rights of the defense shall be guaranteed to every accused person.”

The law on the accommodation of mentally ill people is therefore a breach of the constitution, since it allows people with mental illness and disabilities to deny the presumption of innocence by being examined for endangering themselves and others and could then receive penalties.

The human right to physical integrity has also been denied to the mentally ill: They may be “fixed” to a bed. This also enables male staff, for example, to tie women to a bed and thus abuse or traumatize them. This practice is also used as a torture method. Psychiatric patients report being tied to psychiatric beds for days without even being allowed to go to the toilet. In the classification of torture we speak of “stress positions” and this is what takes place here.

Baden-Württemberg’s Psychiatric Assistance Act says that cruel and inhuman treatment can occur. The victims are then allowed to inform the Council of Europe, which, however, does not respond to emails. The victims are helpless and without rights at the mercy of torture.

Baden-Württemberg’s Mental Health Assistance Act claims it implements an EU directive on child criminal law.

This proves that the state government is committing fraud by applying a law for children under 18 to adults with mental illness. 

EU Directive 2016/800 specifically provides that the Directive refers to children and defines the term child by age. The EU Directive 2016/800 therefore provides that the child is a person under 18: para. (1) EU 2016/800.

In contrast, the scope of the Psykhg is “persons who are ill or disabled as a result of a mental disorder” (§ 1). These are mostly not children under the age of 18.

The police and the government are now exploiting this omnipotence that innocent people can simply be arrested as “mentally ill” and handed over to the psychiatric prison under torture-like conditions. You can only see intention in it because it is intention.

Those branded as mentally ill have received a new version of the Star of David. They are seen as people without human rights, i.e. second-class people who receive no protection but heavy penalties and abuse. There can be no question of help here, it is sheer cynicism when this law uses the name help. The mentally ill have the legal status of slaves here, especially in the case of incapacitation. Diagnoses, on the other hand, are purely arbitrary on the part of politicians. They don’t even pretend to come from doctors.

The witch hunt is back

The law of simply collecting and imprisoning the innocent is applied in the sense that a dictatorship does.

So in 2020, two police officers stood in front of me and claimed that I was mentally ill. The justification was: “Your crazy posters there”

The inscription on the posters read: “No Merkel Fascism” and the artistic freedom of the political posters hanging in my art studio became a total farce. Also freedom of political expression and freedom of the press – it is a printed matter and a text.

The two policemen laughed at all this and said they would have me admitted to a clinic for it. The neighbors heard this, they had previously insulted me as “crazy” and were hilariously amused by the police officers’ insults. “You can just have them sent to a psychiatric ward”

A man who had been harassing me for years repeatedly attacked me with sticks and fists and threatened me: “I’ll call the police, then you’ll go straight to the loony bin.”

He tried to smash my door and yelled “I’m going to send her to a psychiatric ward”

I was totally at the mercy of the neighbor who was beating me, as the police only laughed with him and then when he called them, they wrote in the police file: “mentally disturbed person“

The man emptied an ashtray on my car every day. It’s about humiliation. Once when I reported the other neighbor for intentionally stubbing out cigarettes on my car, the police said I was going to attack them and threatened me. So I can’t report anything without the police flipping it and calling me an attacker of police officers. That’s what has killed people.

So my car is the ashtray for the whole neighborhood and everyone can humiliate me to the point of threatening me with a briefing if they want to.

The police take all the lies as true and request that they watch me for “possible psychosis” and possibly have me committed.

The diagnosis comes from an unskilled young mother who has a sexual relationship with this man and who is not questioned when she makes psychiatric diagnoses. This again to humiliate, but also to insult my person and, of course, to prove that I can lose my human rights according to the Psychhg – the mental health aid law!

The woman and the man are allowed to let the police insult and harass me and threaten me with psychiatric torture because of the political poster. That didn’t stop under Olaf Scholz either.

Your balcony is above my car. They pour the entire ashtray over the car every day. The man’s children scream when they see me: “Here comes the crazy woman”. Sedition is not punishable if I report it, that’s what the public prosecutor says. Because I no longer have rights before the prosecutor’s office, everything else doesn’t matter – the law comes into force.

So one day the kids didn’t just throw ashtrays over my car, they threw firecrackers. I was informed about 2 corners and wrote it to the prosecutor. There was paint damage on the car.

This led to me getting the penalty. The police did not punish the man, they hardly wanted to look at the car, only a “trick” was used.

A man from the health department and a medical officer came with me and threatened me by asking me questions about my family. “What’s your argument with your parents?” “Why were you alone for so long?” It was a test of endangering yourself and others because it was my car that was set on fire by a man and this man was allowed to insult me as crazy.

Questions that the police are not allowed to ask should be interpreted as symptoms of illness. The doctor has been commissioned to make a diagnosis that could put me under the Psychiatric Assistance Act and then simply allow me to be taken along to be tortured. Abuse of the law is not only there, it is probably the intention behind all legislation.

All of history proves that Angela Merkel gave the orders for arrests of political opponents and that she made arrests of innocent people for political and personal reasons. It proves that the law was only created for this purpose, since a mental illness can be interpreted into almost every behavior of a person, but there are also clear symptoms that a doctor can only easily fake, however, via a falsely filled out questionnaire, since there are no scientific test results that prove psychosis. At best, in a particularly severe case, such as an autism spectrum disorder, a diagnosis is clear or in the case of an intellectual disability, which clearly means intellectual disability. With an intellectual disability of such magnitude that someone is incapacitated, I could not even write this text.

The neighbor yells: “The woman is so disabled and stupid and stupid”

This was proof of my insanity to the health department. A medical specialist was therefore only brought along to the arrest.

I refused to answer and asked for a lawyer, otherwise I might have ended up in a psychiatric death camp like Egon Eger in 1935, because this doctor, out of her personal opinion, makes an illness out of my human rights. Also on the human right, as a woman not to have to live with men, and here she made a coercion because she asked me about it in the first place. Other neighbors say: “We’ll let her live if she lives without a husband.” The Stuttgart churches have a policy of forced marriages in the background. I am harassed and pushed and threatened by neighbors, the police and the health department. Here the persecution of me as a woman is added to the political persecution. In this area, the howling crowd is now so agitated that they are yelling after me to have me sent to a psychiatric ward, to inform the homeowners’ association that I am mentally ill and need to be dragged out of the house and committed, and that blackmail letters are being sent through lawyers my landlords and providers should be directed to force me to delete my website, or to give notice of termination of my apartment and delete the website. The providers Alphahosting and Strato have gotten involved. The website is now hosted outside of the opinion dictatorship of Germany. Freedom of the press means nothing to anyone. The witch-hunt atmosphere in the house meant that the police wanted to drag me out of the apartment at night. And the neighbors smashed my apartment door. Up to now, only my security measures on the door have been able to prevent such illegal deportations. They don’t have an arrest warrant, they would simply claim that I was mentally ill and none of the police officers who signed the slander questioned that. So far I have been spared a false specialist diagnosis, but the police have already tried to get a false diagnosis from the public health officer. A diagnosis like this then completely eliminates the human rights of the respective victims.

It can be concluded that the Psykhg is a fake “HELP” law made for secret service torture modeled on MK-Ultra. People are insulted as crazy until the people around them believe it and they can be arrested and committed in front of their eyes. In psychiatry, intelligence agencies can then use torture and pass it off as medical treatment.