Personal experiences parallels to the persecution of the Jews

I cannot prove a religious connection with the unjust persecution by the police and neighborhood to which I am currently exposed, but parallels to the Holocaust!

1. 1933: Restriction on Jewish public life

Jewish doctors were revoked their license to work in the hospital. School and university attendance by Jewish citizens was restricted, separate schools were set up for Jewish children. Jewish lawyers were no longer admitted to the courts. Jewish scriptures and artists were no longer allowed to work. Their works were burned. Jewish journalists were fired. Jewish shops were systematically boycotted, with the help of posters people were prevented from entering Jewish shops.
1. Profession ban.
I was forbidden to work as a teacher anywhere in Baden-Württemberg. Reasons were lies cobbled together. In Rhineland-Palatinate I was persecuted there with character assassination by BW and yelled at a Catholic fanatic all day and then fired. It was the same at a private school. There are then “reasonless” terminations.
My work is prevented with all the power of the state.
1935: Introduction of the Nuremberg Race Laws

On September 15, 1935, the Nuremberg Laws were enacted, stripping German Jews of their political rights and making them second-class citizens. Among other things, the law prohibited marriages between so-called “German-blooded people” and Jews. Extramarital relationships of such persons were also not tolerated.

2. Introduction of the Mental Health Assistance Act.
The mentally ill no longer have human rights and can simply be arrested and imprisoned and even incapacitated.

Suddenly I am considered mentally ill everywhere as a woman, a church-leaver, blogger and feminist, due to character assassination by the entire neighborhood and the lying police, who have no medical reports for it.
I had to endure a compulsory police investigation for endangering myself and others for the purpose of arbitrary detention.
3. 1938: Pogrom

On the night of November 9-10, 1938, almost all Jewish houses of worship (synagogues) in Germany were burned down and destroyed on the orders of Hitler and Goebbels. Jewish homes were stormed, furniture was smashed, Jewish people were murdered. In Jewish businesses, the windows were smashed first, and then the fixtures were smashed and chopped up.
3. Assaults
My car windshield was smashed, my door was forced open, eggs were thrown at my car, my phone was severed for months
The police terrorize me by hitting my door lock with a crowbar, the public prosecutor’s office denies this crime.

4.1941: Einführung des Judensterns

Am 19. September 1941 wurde es Gesetz, dass alle Juden ab 6 Jahre in der Öffentlichkeit einen Judenstern tragen müssen.

4. Stigmatisierung
Die Polizei behauptet fälschlicherweise vor Gericht und sonst überall, ich hätte eine Psychose und müsste entmündigt werden. Auch bei meiner Rechtschutzversicherung verbreitet sie Verleumdungen über mich. Die Advocard hat mich auch schon als psychisch krank bezeichnet.
All dies aufgrund von Hass gegen mich und nicht aufgrund medizinischer Befunde. Ich werde so stigmatisiert und falle in das Psychischkrankenhilfegesetz, nachdem meine Menschenrechte reduziert werden.
5. 1941: Decree to kill all Jews
The Nazi leadership decided to kill all Jews in their sphere of influence.
6. 1942: Final solution of the Jewish question
The final solution to the Jewish question means that an end was put to the Jews through the systematic murder of the Jews (gassing in the extermination camps) in the German sphere of influence in the years 1942 to 1945. After that there would no longer be any questions of how to exclude the Jews or where to evict them.

6. Final solution: In an email, F. Civale demands a final solution (“Final Solution”) “against Juliane!”

He is not the state, but he gets a lot of help by the police.

All happened in Germany now and then

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What I am doing against:

Secretariat of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT)
Council of Europe
F-67075 Strasbourg Cedex

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I read about you, that you are the comitee that is responsible for torture in Europe. 

I have the problem, that the police Stuttgart is threatening me with admission into a hospital for the mental ill. The fact is, that I am not mental ill. It is al torture threatening for me. They slander about me everywhere, that I am mental ill. This is not a diagnosis of a doctor, but hate speech of neighbors and policemen, that are hating me as a woman and political blogger. The slander has been written also to my law insurance and to the court of Stuttgart. I cannot help being stigmatized like that. They do it to me, because the law for the mental ill allows them to arrest persons without a reason or without having committed a crime. They want to arrest me for torture. So please contact me at this email address. My address is: ….