Supervision complaint against the police station Stuttgart 5

Stuttgart Public Prosecutor’s Office 70049 Stuttgart

Supervision complaint against the police station Stuttgart 5

PHMin Z Reinwald. It was May 2019. I don’t remember the exact day.

It was probably Mrs Reinwald. She stood in front of me in the police station. Previously, Wolfgang Geyer had demonstratively used the car I had bought a week earlier as an ashtray. He leaned his entire upper body on it as I walked past him. I asked him to leave, but he just smacked me, “We need to talk about your music.” I said, “Get out of my car.” He was on his cell phone. Only after being asked several times did he walk away from it. When I came back some time I saw black spots on the car paint. So I went to the police and told this very policewoman. I told them how the man I hadn’t known before wanted to kick in my apartment door a few days before and then turned off my power fuse. I was actually at the police station because of the attacks on my home. There were 2 fuses outside and twice I was forced to walk down the stairs in the dark past his girlfriend Heike Michaela Hauschke’s apartment and screw the fuse back on and tilt it. A very dangerous situation, since the man had previously rioted in front of my door. He could have killed me. However, I did not see him. The policewoman with the pigtails didn’t answer when I told her all this, but her little older colleague jumped out from behind (He worked at the back of the computer at the police station) and yelled, “You’re attacking the police here! I’ll put you on the file as the culprit for everything that happened to the neighbor. From now on it’s always your fault if something happens in the house!”

Since then I’ve been standing there in front of the Stuttgart 5 police with a presumption of guilt and I’ve never been heard when I want to report anything. Instead, all the neighbors claim that he is mentally ill and that is in the files that I have read about me and how PHM Maurer sent them to the district court. All events are misconstrued and I get sole blame. I am often the victim of attacks by Felice Civale, who then calls the police himself and slanders me as mentally ill. Because of the burglary on June 13, 2021 in my apartment, I was only written into the file as a “quarrel”. In fact, Civale broke through my door twice and once threatened to hit me with his fist. The public prosecutor’s office has received my complaints. I would like to file a disciplinary complaint only because of the presumption of guilt against me by the inspector and the policewoman from May 2019. It can’t be that the police keep blaming me for everything without looking at my side while I’m the victim of constant attacks. I can never go to the police station. leave without fear that the inspector will interpret it as an attack and do violence to me, which he will then pass off as self-defence. At the time, I really only spoke to the police and described a few cases when Wolfgang Geyer, my neighbor Heike Hauschke’s partner, attacked my apartment and my car.

The neighbors know this and let off steam towards me. This inspector had inspected my door a few years previously for reporting burglaries, so I know he’s an inspector. With this verdict in my “police file” I’d rather be out again quickly. Ms. Reinwald didn’t help me either. Apparently “attacked” police may start shooting in self-defense before they threaten women’s rights any further.

Kind regards