Censorship: Holocaust deniers delete tweets from Artemisnews_de

In text form: Because of the #gas crisis, the city of #Stuttgart had to temporarily postpone (do without) the installation of #gas chambers in the #psychiatric hospitals, but they offer the people they describe as Jews to be deported to the respective institution by #police officers ( 26 Aug 2022)

The story behind the tweet: I would like to point out that my neighbors’ homeowners’ meeting calls me Jewish, although this is not true, and in their meeting they discussed a “Final solution for the J…” (mailing list), which sounds like a final solution and my complaint about hate speech is being ignored by the police, instead they are following the writer’s request to have me taken to a psychiatric ward because he is foaming at the mouth with hatred towards me.

The German turn away from human rights – The political witch hunt is back

The Return of the Witch Hunts- The German Abandonment of Human Rights.

Eliminated human rights: freedom, physical integrity, presumption of innocence, discrimination against the disabled, protection from torture, equality between men and women has been dissolved: single women are persecuted.

Woman Island behind the veils – Atlantis – Avalon – Themiskyra – Lesvos

Does the fabled Isle of the Priestesses of the Goddess still exist behind the veils?

Personal experiences parallels to the persecution of the Jews

I cannot prove a religious connection with the unjust persecution by the police and neighborhood to which I am currently exposed, but parallels to the Holocaust! 1. 1933: Restriction on … Read More

High treason of the German constitution: The human policy of the mental ill help act (PsyKHG)

The Mental Health Aid Act: The abuse of the alleged help for sick people for political, religious, misogynistic persecution. It has now been proven that the Mental Health Assistance Act … Read More