broken door, by police and neighbors, tried a kidnapping with the neighbors lies and insulting, calling me insane for refusing him

Civil War at Stuttgart- War on women

There is a civil war at Stuttgart: Churches and right-winged parties against Women Rights.
The city of Stuttgart has decided to commit war crimes against women who own money and real estate, inherit or live alone. My neighbors talk about “burning down women’s shelters.” But the “smart” church town thinks they would rather make the women slaves of the psychiatrists, lock them up, claim that they are “children” (underage) under the much repeated slander that they are mentally ill. They break into their doors, pick out women and arrest them as “underage” “mentally ill” with crimes that are dreamed up by neighbors who can’t handle equality and the boundaries of the other apartment.

In my case, three attempts were made by these CDU war criminals to the police and the public order office to kidnap me and make me a psychiatric slave, also because of a newly arrived Nazi neighbor who found me lacking in right-wing ideas and no religion. I’ve never had a psychiatric diagnosis, and the Office of Public Order doesn’t think it’s necessary, since they simply kidnap and hold captive whoever they want to oppress and rob. In Stuttgart there is a popular uprising against the Basic Law and equal rights by church Nazis from the AfD and the CDU. The whole house here is involved, the Stuttgart 5 police and the public prosecutor’s office. Only the deselection of Merkel prevented something worse from happening! Evidence on
This is civil war. The police commit the war crimes of cleansing, enslaving and deporting the ethnic group of “women” without observing basic constitutional rights. With the basis of the criminal law Psykhg BW, people can be arrested and imprisoned who do not commit any crimes and who do not have any mental illnesses; this is simply fraud. The false mental illnesses turn women into victims of false incapacitation and into slaves of psychiatrists, who can also physically abuse them at their whim. The churches are instigating this civil war and want to abolish the fight against women’s equality and their property, as well as their freedom and their right to say NO. All of this is being initiated against me by a neighbor who constantly calls the police. rushes me and asserts me. I should be locked away as a “mentally ill person” so that she can get to my apartment and get rid of me. These Nazis have power in Stuttgart because human trafficking is covered up by the district court by having me censor what I write about it and never accepting my reports if I still become a victim of terror and pogrom in the house by Nazi neighbors.

Involved in the crime:
The Stuttgart 5 police station
The Stuttgart public prosecutor’s office
The State Ministry of Justice of Baden-Württemberg (CDU)
The Office of Public Order
The health department, medical officer
Advocard legal protection insurance

Failure to provide assistance:
The lawyers who refuse help
The anti-discrimination agency
The Amadeo Antonio Foundation, to help against anti-feminism
the Supreme Court
The press
The family
All human rights organizations

The Federal Ministry of Justice
The Office for the Protection of the Constitution

Pic: broken door of my appartment, by police and neighbors, tried a kidnapping with the neighbors lies and insulting, calling me insane for refusing him