Germanys Church prison, Stuttgart

Germanys religious persecutions against women, blacks, atheists, church dropouts and bloggers are going on. Surely they also take “jews”.

The evangelical church operates a prison in a psychiatric ward masquerading as a hospital and where the Public Order Office brings the mental prisoners of the neighbors and police, who express their opinion, their gender and marital status, their religion, as well as the color of their skin, their hair color and her internet blog as “psychosis” and have her taken to the church prison “Furtbach Hospital” for it.

On March 1st, 2021, the Stuttgart police wanted to bring me to this hospital for a political poster and my website, as well as my resignation from the church and my living without a husband or boyfriend. Bullying Nazi neighbors had decided on a “final solution” at a homeowners’ meeting. They reported me to the police as “crazy” every time they saw me. The police went along with it and wrote me down as “mentally disturbed”, even if I was the victim of terrorist attacks, such as arson on my car or burglary in my apartment. The rabble was allowed to have video evidence of their crimes censored via the district court on the Internet. I shall be “accommodated” and disenfranchised there as a woman living alone and then never be free again while my money is to be spent on this imprisonment (Psykhg regulation to pay for this prison)

The mob and his girlfriend threw fireworks from their apartment at my car and smashed my door. She went to the police and called me “She has a psychosis” and the police are playing this game that the Nazis have devised to deport and suppress persecuted groups. Now there are again arrests of innocent people who only speak and do not please the Nazi people. The Holocaust returns via arrests. How many dead are there already?

Maria B from Berlin Friedrichsdorf was murdered by the police after such a neighborly hate campaign. She had a tattoo on her face that the conservatives certainly don’t like.

A black man was arrested by police on his stomach on a stretcher for talking loudly and taken away. Without proof only based on statements by his Nazi neighbors. He was the victim of physical and mental humiliation and the ridicule of the right-wing press.

A so-called “disliked atheist” was forcibly taken to a psychiatric ward. Surely that disturbs the opinion dictatorship of the Christian hate preachers in Germany and they exercise terror over all dissenters in their church prisons.

Lawyer Beate Bahner wanted to file a constitutional complaint against corona measures in 2020. She called for a demonstration. The police ambushed her, beat her until she bled, and took her to a psychiatric ward for 3 days. She had to publicly recant the abuse, even though photos of the evidence are circulating.

Religious arrests and church jails are back to normal in Holocaust country Germany. All they need as clues is the endless hatred of a right-wing Nazi society and their lies to the police, and someone’s life is trampled on and destroyed.


“On 08/09/2021 at 06:46 wrote:

Good morning Mrs *,

like I said before, there was no plan to take you to a hospital. Compulsory admission of mentally ill persons can only take place if there is an acute risk situation that emanates from the person. A briefing is then also a police measure to avert danger and not compulsory treatment. Such things would possibly determine the clinic and a judge, who would then be responsible for accommodation. The legal basis here is the Mental Health Assistance Act. There are two recognized institutions in Stuttgart, the Bad Cannstatt Hospital Center for Mental Health and the Furtbach Hospital.

However, this was never planned or intended for you because you are not dangerous.

I ask you now to refrain from further questions, since everything was answered several times and we were only with you to offer assistance!!

Best regards
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