Stuttgart: Religious Civil War – Germany 2023 – Return of witch hunts

You don’t notice that, it’s done slowly, backwards, but something like that is “done”, “managed”, “moused” “scrambled”.

The teachers in Baden-Württemberg who are not church members do not have a job either. That is known. This is coincidence and only has something to do with her motherhood, which she is supposed to start soon.

The church is waging a war: Private schools are completely geared towards religion, they are in church hands and this is financed 100% by the government, which is allowed to exclude people of other faiths from the school, whether as students or teachers. Of course, Muslim children like to be proselytized in religious education. Even if parents are strictly against it. An atheist father had to put up with the police taking him to a psychiatric hospital with psykhg and the press calling him “unlovable”. Religious persecution was resumed after Donald Trump’s troops left, as if everyone had just been waiting for them to be allowed to burn, fire and murder, as if Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” had not only been reissued but replaced the Basic Law. No, it replaced it, before the Merkel and Kretschmann governments, the Stuttgart judiciary and the police.

You don’t notice that when doors are smashed because the police are following the victim and therefore only see his guilt and false mental illnesses because the police are covering up these civil war crimes.

It is the same when a car is on fire but not completely destroyed. The police cover this up and the front demanded in the civil war against women and people of other faiths has general amnesty, because he is fighting in the holy war against women’s rights and democracy as an IM of the STASI-SS-POLIZEI Combat 18 style.

There is not a breath of democracy left here.

“J…sus” roaring processions, like torchlight processions, pull through the streets of Stuttgart and want to address you, whether you want to hear something about their God or let their prayers be poured over you.

Everything that used to be a hippie here was called “New Age” or sometimes “esoteric” at some point.

Every store that had sold even a purple yoga mat with the Flower of Life motif inexplicably went bust as these lockdowns wiped out all the smaller boutiques. Buddha comes from Asia, he comes to us from a thousand new sources.

All arts and crafts, all nice little things that aren’t mass-produced or have better style, were killed by the conservative policy of annihilation against rebellious mankind, who don’t want everything to be Catholic, whose style dictates everyone is subjugated. Even big bookstores have conquered them that way. You get in the. Whole town not even a semi-precious stone. That might protect you from evil curses from the church, but if you say that, the religious police will come and lock you up in a psychiatric ward. Crime: incredulity. It is now called “psychosis” if you have any “delusions” other than “Messiah”. This is religious persecution, witch hunt style. Everyone knows that children drop dead when you’re in the same room with them because you’re not a mother yourself. Or because you hang “No Merkel Fascism” in an art studio window! ART! STUDIO!


THE WOMAN MUST BE LOCKED AWAY. say my neighbors.

Art has been suffering for years. The avant-garde of the smaller artists who did not exhibit in glossy galleries have disappeared completely for years under the false claim that the new train station would be built there. The Nordbahnhofs- Bahnhofsviertel is without art and without a train station. That’s what the church and the conservative oppressors want, who have found too much freedom here, too much political discussion and too much joie de vivre and creativity, as well as jazz music. All of this is not desired by the oppressor of the Church CDU, as it is honing their power. The Greens commit high treason on the scene and join the AfD, which enforced witch hunts via Psykhg and now has women kidnapped who do not allow themselves to be coerced into marrying. Free love is attacked only in women and that means women are destroyed because men do not pay attention when women are attacked, otherwise their preferences would disappear everywhere. They are always war winners if anyone attacks women altogether and therefore no help. Feminists are often too busy with their children. This is always used as a weapon against women who are thus excluded and checkmated everywhere.

witch hunts:

The police and the health department were hounded against me by the neighbors in their “witch craze” that I should be considered “mentally ill” because I am single and then they could arrest me with the new Nazi euthanasia law, the Psychhg, since then I would no longer have any human rights and I don’t have to prove any crime other than that I’m single. For that, everyone in the neighborhood would have to say they didn’t like me, I didn’t sexually serve their husbands and I should therefore be arrested. This supports the church dictatorship public prosecutor’s office. The sexual harassment comes from the neighbors’ church and their abusive men, who want to break down my door and sometimes do, as well as the police of Merkel fascism, who want to insert VALUES as sane brainwashing in the form of violent “pregnancy” or deprivation of liberty. I can prove that, just not about the pregnancy, those are rumours. It sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. It’s now called “mentally ill or mentally disturbed,” where it used to be called witch. Highly qualified red-light waiters are the diagnostic psychiatrists that the health department consults. So: banana republic or pimp state! Above all, however, religious persecution of women with a proportion of torture in psychiatry for the religiously agitated fellow human beings in Stuttgart. It must be mentioned that the “Office for Public Order” is threatening me with the “HELP” of the “Psychhg”: Help as disenfranchisement, enslavement and paternalism of my money by the city of Stuttgart. The “psychosis” was then invented by the police, who did it because of the Merkel fascism poster and because of This is press tracking. But it is also the usual persecution of women by churches that own the Furtbach hospital, to which Herr Schmauder from the office wanted to force me to go. A hospital where forced missions are as common as in the schools of the church, since it belongs to the church and therefore only demands very religious lifestyles from its employees. This in turn means that they are highly aggressive towards anyone who turns away from the Church. This is normal in Stuttgart.

So half the city is in a religious frenzy and tyrannizes the whole area and commits violent attacks on free-living women. The Catholic Papal States support them in this. All handicrafts and all art are fought, everything has to submit to the ideology and that is the dictatorship.

We now have the following in church dictatorship and civil war conditions:

Abolition of the Basic Law by Psykhg (“help-law”for the mental ill, which totally deletes their human rights) , Kunstuhg (“Art copyright” for censoring faces and bodies on photographs and videos), NetzDG (Censoring the internet from “hate speech”- truly censoring the internet from cirical voices against church and government and deleting unwanted messages about police crimes and so on in censorship ( I know it from practice against my tweets)).

Processions of religious fanatics.

arson attacks.

burglaries and robberies.

threats of violence.

Religious professional bans.

Forced proselytizing of people of other faiths in schools.

Religious business closures.

Artist tracking. Destruction of an art scene. Art sales hindered or destroyed.

Witch-hunts in the form of psychiatric persecution and neighborhood smear campaigns have returned.

Attacks on unmarried women by the police via the “Health Department”

Nobody has to notice that, because they are all: MERKELFASCISM!

Terror over severed telephone lines

BND whistleblower Markus Bott announced on his website that old Nazi SS figures in the BND continued to carry out NS politics and the associated terror. This includes cutting phone lines. On the day I received the district court’s censorship order for 2 videos, my line was also severed. That suggests a connection. The police arbitrariness has severed the line to punishment and internet censorship, also to separate me from the press and from lawyers. These charges were later dropped, but the new charge is that, despite special notice, I should pay for the broken line for about 8 months, where the technician forged repair certificates. The technician never showed up. As well as fake bills that say I made a phone call with the broken line. That wasn’t even possible. Of course, the district court knows that I am summoned because the district court itself caused the terror because of the censorship order and will of course also make the wrong judgment here, about my patronizing and press punishment, as well as about terror against me. That’s clear, because terror emanates from this court!

It goes without saying that I receive deliberately wrong answers to my complaints to the public prosecutor’s office and attacks from the police if I report something there, as well as other defamation of my mental state. Here is the most brutal possible persecution.